Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 51

This is the penultimate week!

[350] Monday 18 October 2010: Butter Peas, meet corn bread. Both expertly prepared in Laura's kitchen and expertly delivered to my mouth. Mmmm.

[351] Tuesday 19 October 2010: This is what D calls my "den" where Ender and I slept so that my hacking cough wouldn't keep him awake.[352] Wednesday 20 October 2010: We had a visit from a landscape architect who gave us some ideas about where to build our deck.

[353] Thursday 21 October 2010: Full MoOoOn.
[354] Friday 22 October 2010: All of the teachers at our school went to a Reggio-Emilia conference and I got to go to the fun session on how to use lines in paint. This is part of what we made.
[355] Saturday 23 October 2010: Speaking of paint, this is G-Money as a green cheetah. He was very adamant about the green part and later wanted to draw green cheetahs all over the place. [356] Sunday 24 October 2010: Ender is a delicate flower. Well, he's mostly just sad and in the cone of shame.

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