Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 50

Two things:
  1. I have temporarily abandoned my numbering system because somehow I got off track. The year is almost over and somehow I'm not quite at 365 but once I sort things out I should be.
  2. I am currently in deep thought about what to do for my next 365 challenge. The year of photos will end next Wednesday on my birthday and I'm currently tossing around ideas for the next year. I haven't decided if I'll keep the blog as part of the deal. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! The top contender is currently writing every day, which is a lot more than snapping a picture, something I often forget to do until just before bed.

Carry on!

[343] Monday 11 October: Ender the cone-faced dog on our way home from Jesse and Whitney's for dinner. Not even a bit car sick!

[344] Tuesday 12 October 2010: This sign says "Everybody needs a church We'd love to be yours" [sic] and I pass it every day. I disagree with their premise, even though I happen to go to a church that I really love.
[345] Wednesday 13 October 2010: We nailed nails into our class pumpkin and later opened it up to see what it looked like. Hellraiser pumpkin!
[346] Thursday 14 October 2010: I started feeling sick and my sweet husband took me out for my favourite first-cold-of-the-season comfort food: tom kha gai, a spicy coconut milk soup. While we were at it we ordered everything else on the menu to meet our $45 minimum. Darn.
[347] Friday 15 October 2010: You can't see it in this picture, but this pumpkin is massive. It would apparently be excellent ammo for people named Mark Buckles to throw at Donnie Milton. So I've heard.
[348] Saturday 16 October 2010: First place* marathon runner!

[349] Sunday 17 October 2010: Laura shows her appreciation for banana pudding, which we have decided will be part of our Thanksgiving spread because it is the best Southern dessert that has not yet infiltrated all of The North.

*among UUCA music directors

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