Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 49

[336] Monday 4 October 2010: Yes, I have become one of those people who takes incessant photos of her dog. Deal with it.

[337] Tuesday 5 October 2010: The teachers at APP worked so hard on this project and when we finally hung our first Reggio-Emilia inspired documentation boards we were so proud of ourselves.[338] Wednesday 6 October 2010: I tried a baking experiment. I formed a hypothesis based on prior knowledge and tested it in the laboratory. I came to a conclusion. You can guess what that was. Experiments don't fail, they always yield results. These results happened to be of the tasty variety.
[339] Thursday 7 October 2010: Another experiment in the form of my first ever crock pot meal. It was not very good. They will get better.
[340] Friday 8 October 2010: We went out for dinner and to see the Aaron Sorkin movie. The restaurant (Spice Market, midtown ATL) tried to do fancy Asian "street food" but the decor and company made up for the uninspired food.
[341] Saturday 9 October 2010: After an unfortunate UofM-MSU football game the boys dressed up and headed to their concert, which was really lovely.
[342] Sunday 10 October 2010: We went to Carisa and Bala's wedding at the beautiful Red Top Mountain State Park.

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