Monday, October 04, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 48

[329] Monday 28 September 2010: Someone donated a box of ear candles to the preschool. So many that I brought some home to test out. Don't worry, I won't take pictures.

[330] Tuesday 29 September 2010: We've been working really hard on our Reggio-Emilia panel boards at school and this is what the revision process looked like.
[331] Wednesday 30 September 2010: We love Ender.
[332] Thursday 1 October 2010: We went to see La Boheme and it was fantastic. I knew Rent was based on it but I didn't know just how close it was. Without all the sex.
[333] Friday 2 October 2010: We bought G a giant (child-sized) hamster ball that he can roll around in. Jesse and Whitney are going to get us back hard-core for this one when we have a 4 year old. Still, totally worth it. I wish I had more photographic evidence.
[334] Saturday 3 October 2010: Laura and I followed up knitting class with a drive to Ellijay for fried pie and donuts. Er, I mean apples. Yes, we went for the apples.
[335] Sunday 4 October 2010: We went to a food fight party. I've now got 2 spontaneous and 1 scheduled food fight under my belt. It was super duper fun. Yay, Vanessa and Gabriel!

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