Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 52

And this is it! Thanks for following my photos this year. They will be come back someday but for now I've decided to switch focus. More on that later. Now, photos!

[357] Monday 25 October 2010: 2nd Annual Intergalactic Pumpkin Carving Thing At Vanessa and Gabriel's. Photo (and pumpkin carving tools) courtesy of the wonderfully talented Everyday Celebrations.

[358] Tuesday 26 October 2010: D bought this, one of the coolest pumpkins ever carved, for $5 at the party. Here it is all lit up on our front porch.
[359] Wednesday 27 October 2010: My dear and sometimes estranged friend Framboise made these soaps and shipped them to me from Boston. They smell like fall.
[360] Thursday 28 October 2010: These are local chanterelles that I found (bought) at Community BBQ, which I cooked up for dinner tonight along with cornbread, cream peas and pork chops.
[361] Friday 29 October 2010: Laura leads the way into a VA Best Western where we stopped on our way to DC. We slept like the dead, woke up to watch Mr. Rogers, and continue on to the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear.
[362] Saturday 30 October 2010: Here we are at the Rally, a stone's throw from the Native American Museum but many many stones throws from where the actual famous people and sane/fear debate was occurring. Thank Buddha for Jumbotrons.
[363] Sunday 31 October 2010: My flight home was on this wee plane! When we were boarding it felt like I was on the tarmac in Aruba. Well, except for the temperature.
[364] Monday 1 November 2010: I played Clue Jr. with the girls I watch after school. It's not the most interesting game but a good start to deductive logic I suppose.
[365] (not sure how my year gained days but I've chosen not to worry about it) Tuesday 2 November 2010: I bought myself flowers, beer and cheese to celebrate my birthday eve and starting The Sandman.
[366] Wednesday 3 November 2010: Jennifer, my co-teacher, made me a delicious pie. I may have developed a small pie obsession. Oops.

For this next year (my 27th around the sun) I have decided to make a record of the things I learn every day. This is inspired by watching children learn every day, realizing that learning is *hard* and that I do it all the time. My friend Rachel mentioned that she really does learn something new every day and that she should write it down in a book. I took that and ran with it. So far it's going well but I still haven't decided whether to type them up. I'm still getting in a rhythm where I write every day. Either way I have loved sharing these photos with the world and getting everyone's feedback. This was a good start to my project and I will definitely do it again in a coming year.

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