Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 45

[308] Monday 6 September 2010: Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

[309] Tuesday 7 September 2010: I cast around for something in my house I hadn't photographed and realized the inside of the fridge hadn't made it onto the internet yet. So here it is! [310] Wednesday 8 September 2010: No choir tonight which made a trip to the local farmers' market possible. Mmm, the last of the summer tomatoes.

[311] Thursday 9 September 2010: This is what our classroom typically looks like at the end of a day when we were too engaged in playing to clean up. I love it. And it doesn't actually take that much time to clean it up.
[312] Friday 10 September 2010: Willie Maize desperately needed a car wash after carrying us for 3,000+ miles in two weeks. Also, bubbles!
[313] Saturday 11 September 2010: Sophia's Scottish visa was denied so Laura and I brought the commiserating. Russian chocolate, vegan ice cream, movies and colouring. I guess it worked out, she got her visa and is leaving for Scotland in 3 hours! We also commemorated this day by sharing our "where were you on 9/11/01" stories.
[314] Sunday 12 September 2010: I forgot to take a picture so Donnie took this one from the couch where we were snuggling. High quality.

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