Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 44: Back to Real Life Edition

[301] Monday 30 August 2010: Back to school!
[302] Tuesday 31 August 2010: Donnie's reading the postcards I sent him from our honeymoon.
[303] Wednesday 1 September 2010: Back to choir!

[304] Thursday 2 September 2010: We're officially married for realz according to the state of Georgia.
[305] Friday 3 September 2010: I got to spend time with my best friend under 4, his dog Elfonso and his new puppy, the soon to be named (minutes from when this photo was taken) Ketchup the Nugget.
[306] Saturday 4 September 2010: After the chicken-carcass-left-in-the-indoor-garbage-can-and-subsequent-maggot-infestation incident of 2010 we bought a shiny new grown up garbage can that would make Oscar proud. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mama!
[307] Sunday 5 September 2010: Donnie and Ketchup the Nugget get along famously. Also all of the other pictures I took on this, the day before labour day, are not suitable for public consumption due to the fact that Laura was mixing up margaritas. Nuff said.

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