Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 43: Honeymoon Edition!

We drove through 2 countries and 11 states on our honeymoon. We met 1 president and stayed with 2 sets of great friends (both in Massachusetts) and their adorable children. We ate so much good food and took many pictures which will likely make it to facebook one of these days. For now here are some pictures of the two of us some of the things we saw on our trip.

[294] Monday 23 August 2010: We made an unwritten rule not to eat anywhere with more than 20 tables and to jump at any opportunity for local, weird, and wonderful establishments, particularly at breakfast. This was the first of those in East Syracuse, NY.

[295] Tuesday 24 August 2010: This was the most delicious pie I have ever eaten. It was made my mom's long and dear friend Renee and eaten within 36 hours of being in our possession. It was an amazing wedding present. We finished it in Mark's apartment in Jamaica Plains, Boston, MA
[296] Wednesday 25 August 2010: This is a picture of Barack Obama, taken by my husband just before he chided the President about his White Sox cap. This was in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard in MA.
[297] Thursday 26 August 2010: Donnie is writing me a postcard on the ferry back to the mainland.
[298] Friday 27 August 2010: We stopped at the Pink Cadillac Diner somewhere in Virginia which was all kinds of cheese. Donnie snapped this picture of the washrooms.
[299] Saturday 28 August 2010: Our last stop was Asheville, NC where we walked around, ate food and spent money on beautiful things. We watched this guy for about an hour as he crafted some cider glasses out of Pyrex.
[300] Sunday 29 August 2010: Donnie holds up his new art that was one of the many wedding presents that arrived while we were gone. This picture was taken at home in Decatur, GA.

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