Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 40

[273] Monday 2 August 2010: The two books I'm reading; the first one's from Laura and the second one's from Colin.
[274] Tuesday 3 August 2010: We went to see the ATL Collective run through Paul Simon's Graceland. It was pretty amazing.

[275] Wednesday 4 August: While my Dad was farther North celebrating his birthday I spent some time with rescue Annie.

[276] Thursday 5 August 2010: Helen, Robin and Alicia prepared a beautiful tablescape for our first day of teacher training. It was very inviting.
[277] Friday 6 August 2010: After David Berkeley's last concert in Atlanta we went to the Brickstore with our new friends Tom and Jamie. Mmmm, beer.
[278] Saturday 7 August 2010: The choir threw us a wonderful heartwarming shower where we opened presents with Sophia.
[279] Sunday 8 August 2010: Tom and Jamie came over for pizza and a viewing of Company, the best musical about getting married (or not getting married) I've ever seen.

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