Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 39

This week was great! Lots of wedding projects, delicious food and celebration of the Keys-Davids returning home!

[266] Monday 26 July 2010: This photo is pretty gross. The dinner, however, was delicious.

[267] Tuesday 27 July 2010: I dusted off the sewing machine for a wedding project.
[268] Wednesday 28 July 2010: New shoes!
[269] Thursday 29 July 2010: Can you guess what the sewing project is turning into?
[270] Friday 30 July 2010: D and I went on a wonderful and spontaneous date. .
[271] Saturday 31 July 2010: Alicia and the APP ladies threw me a lovely shower. Here I am showing off my new apron and hat.
[272] Sunday 1 August 2010: Steve is teaching Sophia how to be a wine connoisseur. We had a perfect summer dinner outside.

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