Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 41

[280] Monday 9 August 2010: This is the beautiful ring warmer that our friend Arlo made for our wedding ceremony.

[281] Tuesday 10 August 2010: I took a break from wedding prep to work on a project for my class.
[282] Wednesday 11 August 2010: Parent night! One of the parents in my class is starting an organic buying club at school. Awesome!
[283] Thursday 12 August: I made everyone at our staff luncheon give me the thumbs up and then I took their pictures. Alicia and Rachel are cute.
[284] Friday 13 August 2010: We went to The Yogurt Tap with David, Sarah, Jackson and Noah. Jackson enjoyed his Yogurt.
[285] Saturday 14 August 2010: We had Travis, Anthony and Laura over for dinner and I made peach cobbler. [286] Sunday 15 August 2010: After checking into our Cave City, KY hotel we shopped at the finest pharmacy the town had to offer. D started on his wedding demands when he found this sign.

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