Monday, July 19, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 37

[252] Monday 12 July 2010: First day of the last week of camp!
[253] Tuesday 13 July 2010: This yoga mat is about 1.5x the length shown here. It's Donnie sized.
[254] Wednesday 14 July 2010: Hazy morning on the way to work. I tried to get a picture of the moon, which was very very close to the sun, but the light changed to green. At least I wasn't texting, right?
[255] Thursday 15 July 2010: Blurry sushi! V and I had a mediocre lunch, but it sure was better than the last one. Good thing we're interesting conversationalists.[256] Friday 16 July 2010: Here is a picture of the sliced chocolate cake I made. It was ugly no matter which way you looked at it, but it had depth of character and flavour. If you come to my house for dinner (post-wedding) I will make it for you. [257] Saturday 17 July 2010: Mise en place! I love having everything ready to throw together. I feel like a zen master chef. This was for Alicia's black bean soup from the Veganomicon cookbook, the most interesting vegan cookbook I've ever seen. Admittedly it's a small pool.
[258] Sunday 18 July 2010: Tragedy strikes! The beautiful CSA watermelon fell out of the trunk when I opened it. Hurry home so you can eat it up, Donnie!

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