Monday, July 19, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 36

[245] Monday 5 July 2010:
Me: That's a huge hole. You don't see that every day.
Plumber dude, while standing in a six foot hole he had just dug out of our yard: Actually, we do.

[246] Tuesday 6 July 2010: These pipes go from our laundry room on the other side of that wall into a barrel that the plumber dudes put into the ground and back out of our house and into the world. Now we can do laundry! Thanks, plumber dudes.
[247] Wednesday 7 July 2010: With all of the fresh things we've been getting from the CSA I've been cooking for the fall. These are mini cottage pies with happy cow beef in cute hand me down Le Creuset from mom and dad.
[248] Thursday 8 July 2010: Weird flowers from the market.
[249] Friday 9 July 2010: Getting our classrooms ready! Lots of drilling and wiring and draping.
[250] Saturday 109 July 2010: Well, they found Myrtle. We went to check her out and she'd been violated.
[251] Sunday 11 July 2010: I dropped Donnie off at the airport and made a to-do list for the week. One for house stuff and one for wedding stuff.

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