Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 34

I had this week off so I took the opportunity to cross many things off of The Wedding To Do List. I took some breaks to go on very excellent dates with D.

[231] Monday 21 June 2010: Laura and I arranged several (60-80) vases of flowers for her conference this week. Then we went to Sephora for the dreaded Wedding Make-Up Trip. It was surprisingly fun. Thanks, Laura!
[232] Tuesday 22 June 2010: The makeup box told me to get started. So I did.[233] Wednesday 23 June 2010: I worked on the paper invitation we sent out to the people who don't regularly do the computer thing. They turned out pretty well.[234] Thursday 24 June 2010: D and I went to watch Star Wars: A New Hope at Piedmont Park. We ate veggies and didn't get bitten by too many mosquitoes! [235] Friday 25 June 2010: Starting a new wedding project. Not sure if I'll end up using it but it does involve these pretty stones.[236] Saturday 26 June 2010: Baseball! We had an unreal experience at the SunTrust Club at Turner Field. This was one of the first pictures we took and Donnie still has the freak-out look on his face. That didn't really go away but he looks so happy here.[237] Sunday 27 June 2010: Champagne Fridays Book Club! Laura and I picked this book (because there were two of them at the unclaimed baggage store, mostly) for the inaugural episode of our book club. So far it's... ok.

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