Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 33

[224] Monday 14 June 2010: We went to Laura and Antone's to eat and play. Check out my sweet golf hand.
[225] Tuesday 15 June 2010: Watching Barack address the nation about the oil spill.[226] Wednesday 16 June 2010: Summer camp! These guys were very proud of their puzzle skillz.[227] Thursday 17 June 2010: We did some splatter painting on the grass at camp, which I walked over many times and ended up with splattered feet.
[228] Friday 18 June 2010: Donnie is preparing crawfish for us to eat. He's also laughing at something Josh said. [229] Saturday 19 June 2010: Sophia and Laura were anxious just before Anthony started his skate.[230] Sunday 20 June 2010: This is my beautiful and delicious pavlova that I made using our first wedding present!

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