Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 32

[217] Monday 7 June 2010: Back in Georgia and headed to Laura and Anthony's for a detox dinner of salad and fruit. Detox was thrown off by the fact that they had guinness in their fridge. And salad is just not that interesting as a photo subject.
[218] Tuesday 8 June 2010: Shhh! It's my wedding dress![219] Wednesday 9 June 2010: We've had some wicked afternoon storms lately. This one showered down on my way home.[220] Thursday 10 June 2010: Donnie likes to support his favourite sports franchises while juggling. [221] Friday 11 June 2010: Turns out this photo didn't quite turn out. The detox detour continues with hot dogs, hamburgers and this beautiful torte Antone picked out.
[222] Saturday 12 June 2010: Hello, Scottsboro, Alabama. Hello, Unclaimed baggage center. Hello, Keys-Davids! Goodbye, cash.
[223] Sunday 13 June 2010: After church we came home to a lazy Sunday of watching Netflixy things and playing gin rummy.

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