Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 31

This week we decided to eat fruit and drive to Michigan. They were both pretty easy decisions.

[210] Monday 31 May 2010: My first attempt at a roast chicken turned out quite well, I think.
[211] Tuesday 1 June 2010: Donnie's favourite meal!
[212] Wednesday 2 June 2010: I know, I know, more fruit. But these are the best peaches I've ever eaten and they come from a place not far from where I live! [213] Thursday 3 June 2010: We decided to stop for more peaches to bring to people in the North. Somehow we managed to resist the boiled p-nuts.[214] Friday 4 June 2010: Surprise! Here we are.[215] Saturday 5 June 2010: Family :)[216] Sunday 6 June 2010: Carrie made one of her delicious cakes and her baby was very happy. Why was the 1 year old the only one of us who ate it off of a plate?

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