Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Photo A Day Weeks 22 and 23

This past week I traveled to Detroit and Toronto and was without picture uploading capabilities. So this week is a twofer. And (maybe for the first time) I didn't take any pictures of food!!

[146] Monday 29 March 2010: D and I filled out our first Census together. How will it be different in 2020?

[147] Tuesday 30 March 2010: I forgot to take a picture today (quelle shock!) so D took one of me while I was sleeping. He's a sweetie.
[148] Wednesday 31 March 2010: Books!

[149] Thursday 1 April 2010: D was very excited to assemble his new elliptical machine. It had 250 pieces.

[150] Friday 2 April 2010: Vanessa holds up an after-dinner mad libbed love letter from Gabriel.
[151] Saturday 3 April 2010: Jesse and I went for mani/pedis and ended up eating a magical garden dinner with friends.
[152] Sunday 4 April 2010: Home for Easter dinner!
[153] Monday 5 April 2010: We were in Guelph so we drove by the house where I spent the first 10 days of my life.
[154] Tuesday 6 April 2010: Mama and I opened a wedding bank account so we'll stay on budget. Soon to be transformed into delicious food and sweet beats.
[155] Wednesday 7 April 2010: Spring is coming up in Toronto!
[156] Thursday 8 April 2010: Carrie and Johnny were goofing around while we waited for Jake's birthday dinner to arrive.
[157] Friday 9 April 2010: Heaven is a deli, and it's in Ann Arbor.
[158] Saturday 10 April 2010: Back in Atlanta and working on reducing our home's energy consumption with some super awesome volunteers from UUCA. It's so much fun to learn a new useful skill.

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