Monday, April 19, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 24

[159] Sunday 11 April 2010: G takes his tractor for a ride.
[160] Monday 12 April 2010: The Chamberlins travel in style. Big style.
[161] Tuesday 13 April 2010: I thought these spidermums were a beautiful and unusual shade until they turned their water pink with dye. Oops.
[162] Wednesday 14 April 2010: D demonstrates his love of ginger beer.
[163] Thursday 15 April 2010: Sophia regards the creme fraiche with the suspicion only a vegan can have.
[164] Friday 16 April 2010: D begins the signing process that will result in a major purchase.[165] Saturday 17 April 2010: The Great Chicken Debate rages on at The Dogwood Festival. [166] Sunday 18 April 2010: Meet Willie Maize, the newest member of our family.

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