Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Photo A Day Weeks 25 and 26

Lots of food shots, fun shots and fun links to make up for my lack of posting last week's photos in a timely manner.

[167] Monday 19 April 2010: Donnie chews on what was left of our happy pork roast.

[168] Tuesday 20 April 2010: I made khao soi and it was delicious! Not as good as khun churn but a valiant first effort.
[169] Wednesday 21 April 2010: I bought aviators so now I can be cool. Except the consensus is my face is too small for this avenue to instant cool.
[170] Thursday 22 April 2010: This is Michael. He is going to be my co-teacher next year. He like bugs. Awesome!
[171] Friday 23 April 2010: Jesse watches her husband table dancing.

[172] Saturday 24 April 2010: We went to APP's Earth Day festival and I experienced a "junk oracle." My forecast: I'm uncertain about marriage and fertility but looking forward to wearing the "crown" (pictured on the extreme left) of wifeyness. Hmm, not so much.
[173] Sunday 25 April 2010: This Mexican restaurant near UUCA has a tree in the middle of their patio. I love eating under foliage!
[174] Monday 26 April 2010: Our roses are blooming and swaying in the wind. Lovely.
[175] Tuesday 27 April 2010: These greens were so garlicky I would have been embarrassed had anyone else been there to eat them. As it was I was heartily satisfied. The skillet bread was fantastic as well.
[176] Wednesday 28 April 2010: Getting in some bedtime food reading. I keep finding ways to experience food even when I'm not eating it. Joy!
[177] Thursday 29 April 2010: I'm not sure which these two enjoyed more: getting messy or cleaning up.
[178] Friday 30 April 2010: I think this photo qualifies us for awkward family photos. Photo (and wardrobe) courtesy of Our Labor of Love.
[179] Saturday 1 May 2010: The boys and their toys.
[180] Sunday 2 May 2010: D got schooled in djembe by this awesome kid at the Isipho fundraiser.

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