Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 20

[132] Monday 15 March 2010: After I dropped Mum off at the train station I killed some time and ate a greasy breakfast at this shiny diner.
[133] Tuesday 16 March 2010: Another dinner experiment with Jesse and Whitney turned out better than last time, but we're still not reaching our potential. [134] Wednesday 17 March 2010: There are many things I can think of to marinade Watermelon in, but I bet none of them are involved in this strange concoction from the Russian deli.[135] Thursday 18 March 2010: We had a teacher appreciation luncheon at school. Being appreciated is tasty. [136] Friday 19 March 2010: D plays me sweet songs on his guitar sometimes. It's very nice.[137] Saturday 20 March 2010: G is chillin on the picnic blanket at Piedmont Park. That boy loves him some strawberries.[138] Sunday 21 March 2010: The sun peeks its face out for the first time before going in for the night.

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