Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 19

We had a great week with many visitors. Jeremy left on Tuesday morning and Mama arrived Wednesday evening. We had a busy weekend of rainy weather and wedding planning.

[125] Monday 8 March 2010: Our week got off to an exciting start when a light fixture crashed to the floor below us at 5:30am. D got up in a flash, ready to fight someone.

[126] Tuesday 9 March 2010: This is what our kitchen looks like when it's clean. I'm glad we've got a picture, it doesn't happen very often.
[127] Wednesday 10 March 2010: D struts his stuff at Twains after choir practice while we wait for Mama's train to get in.
[128] Thursday 11 March 2010: After a day at Ikea scouting for wedding supplies we met up with D at Taqueria del Sol so Mama could taste the forbidden fruit of Mexican food.

[129] Friday 12 March 2010: The dress!
[130] Saturday 13 March 2010: We went to see Spring Awakening at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.
[131] Sunday 14 March 2010: We came home from seeing The Blind Side to hang out in the chilly basement.

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HockeytownRay said...

As a fellow ridiculously large wooden fork and spoon owner, I would be way annoyed if mine were hanging at different heights!