Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 18

We had snow again this week, we went to two concerts and we have our first visitor of March. It was an exciting week.

[118] Monday 1 March 2010: Wedding web site launched!
[119] Tuesday 2 March 2010: It snowed! The Water Class spent a portion of the morning debating whether rain or snow was falling on the playground. It looked like snow but the ground didn't turn white at first. Very intense discussion.[120] Wednesday 3 March 2010: Donnie moves his hands a great deal because he's a good conductor. [121] Thursday 4 March 2010: Dinner and the symphony make for a lovely date. [122] Friday 5 March 2010: Anthony hands over the keys to the new house. Sophia gladly accepts.[123] Saturday 6 March 2010: Jeremy is heeeeere! Yay! Donnie and Jeremy prepare our feast before we head to a choral concert.[124] Sunday 7 March 2010: Tag! Donnie's it.

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