Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 17

This week has been exciting with the launch of our wedding web site. In all the excitement I neglected my photoblogging duties. Here's the lineup.

[111] Monday 22 February 2010: This is the library where I tutor a student twice a week. They have a typewriter! And people actually use it!
[112] Tuesday 23 February 2010: Want to buy my car? Want to tow it away? It's been sitting in front of our house for too many months. [113] Wednesday 24 February 2010: Check out Donnie working in his messy office. He'd love it if you would tell him to clean it. :-/[114] Thursday 25 February 2010: Spaghetti squash! It forgot to tell us that it needed to be cooked longer.[115] Friday 26 February 2010: Happy Birthday Matthew! Manette got us an invite to an exclusive mixer at the Canadian consulate's house to celebrate the success of Canada hosting the Olympics. They supplied us with Canadian cheez-its and Labatt Blue.
[116] Saturday 27 February 2010: Anthony shows his enthusiasm for cinnamon raisin bread at Gerald and Emilu's house.[117] Sunday 28 February 2010: Woohoo! One of us was very pleased with the results of the gold medal hockey game. Anthony brought us good luck Canadian balloons. On the screen in this picture are the infamous inflatable beavers.

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