Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 16

This week was pretty low-key. We finally set a wedding date and began planning. D was sick and both brother and Anthony celebrated a birthday. There is a theme in this week's photo commentary. See if you can guess what it might be.

[104] Monday 15 February 2010: Happy Birthday, Brother! Donnie was feeling yucka so we chilled on the couch and watched some very exciting Olympic events.
[105] Tuesday 16 February 2010: I went to pick Laura up for wedding dress shopping and snapped a picture of the state of her living room. She should compete in Olympic box-stacking.[106] Wednesday 17 February 2010: The state of our coffee table because all of our spare time has been spent wedding planning in front of the toob watching the Olympics.
[107] Thursday 18 February 2010: I spent a lot of this week working on wedding stuff which gave me the flower arranging bug. Ranunculus is so pretty. You know what else is pretty? Olympic curlers.[108] Friday 19 February 2010: Happy Birthday, Anthony! We went to The Iberian Pig (for some amaaaaazing tapas) and tried the bacon cocktail. Can you guess how we felt about it? We then returned to our house to watch the first night of ice dancing, which the Olympic committee was kind enough to schedule for Anthony on his birthday.[109] Saturday 20 February 2010: It was beautifully sunny and almost warm today and I spotted a ladybug in the kitchen! I'm pretty sure she was on her way downstairs to catch some Olympic snowcross.[110] Sunday 21 February 2010: The Coming of Age class went on a high ropes challenge. There should be a winter skiing high ropes event in the Olympics.

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