Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 15

This week was very exciting- we got 3 inches of real snow in Atlanta. It was beautiful and made me miss living up north. Well, for a minute anyway.

[97] Monday 8 February 2010: We are obsessed! We finished the third season of Heroes this week.
[98] Tuesday 9 February 2010: I made Johnny Snaps for our once a month choir party. They were deeeelicious.[99] Wednesday 10 February 2010: Alicia made many trays of white food for Wonderful Wednesday dinner. [100] Thursday 11 February 2010: D and I went to the symphony with tickets from the choir for his birthday. We had a grand time.[101] Friday 12 February 2010: It snowed in Hotlanta! This is the second blizzard of '10 as seen from our backyard. Also known as Narnia.[102] Saturday 13 February 2010: D and I went out for a date in the snow. We walked up some very icy and unsalted stairs to Indian food and saw Up in the Air. D also found time to gaily twirl a parasol.[103] Sunday 14 February 2010: We decided to spend Valentine's evening as we have every other night since the opening ceremonies: glued to the Vancouver Olympics with Anthony and Laura in our peeejays. Oh and eating something tasty.

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