Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 14

[90] Monday 1 February 2010: If someone pulls up in your driveway on a Monday afternoon and offers to sell you cases of frozen meat at a discounted rate, always say yes. Donnie did.
[91] Tuesday 2 February 2010: D had a late night meeting with the music committee at church, I had one with Jane Eyre and some crosswords in the cozy bed.[92] Wednesday 3 February 2010: I drove around with the top down because it was 60 degrees! In February! The South is awesome.
[93] Thursday 4 February 2010: We had a deeelicious and far too elaborate dinner for a Thursday at Jesse and Whitney's. Many countries were represented and we learned that not everyone likes to talk about food. Which is totally fine, but a completely new thing for me. (This photo is brought to you by Our Labor of Love)

[94] Friday 5 February 2010: Back to the Chamberlins', this time to play with G. We had some goofy fun before bed time.
[95] Saturday 6 February 2010: We finally (2 weeks and 2 car breakdowns later) unloaded our new-to-us-church-auction futon. Now to put it together![96] Sunday 7 February 2010: Our superbowl party was small but mighty. Well, we were mighty until we ate lots of food and (they) drank lots of beer and became mostly lethargic. We still had more energy than The Who though.

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