Monday, February 01, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 13

[83] Monday 25 January 2010: We picked Myrtle up from the shop after an extensive brake line repair. Yay for having wheels again![84] Tuesday 26 January 2010: Went to The Book Nook and picked up a copy of Jane Eyre. I really like it so far.
[85] Wednesday 27 January 2010: I multitasked by listening to The State of the Union while I was in the shower![86] Thursday 28 January 2010: We had dinner with the Chamberlins where Gracyn taught Donnie how to play the Dora game.[87] Friday 29 January 2010: I got to hang out with Jackson and Gracyn for the night. We made goofy faces.
[88] Saturday 30 January 2010: Dinner at the Brick House Pub where I got to drink some Founders Double Trouble. I thought it was deeelicious but the rest of the party thought it tasted like Pine Sol.
[89] Sunday 31 January 2010: The boys relax with a game of Catan and a glass of scotch after a long Sunday at church.

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