Monday, January 25, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 12

This week D had a birthday and we had a brake line snap on the car. We also had a visitor and an extra day off. All in all it was an exciting week.

[76] Monday 18 January 2010: In honor of Dr. King (but really unrelated to him) Laura and I made a trip to the Atlanta State Farmers' Market and it was pretty empty. We did find this peculiar float.
[77] Tuesday 19 January 2010: I realized I haven't shared pictures of our home with internet friends, so here's our front room/music room complete with new curtains.[78] Wednesday 20 January 2010: I put together my $9 stool so I can reach things in the kitchen. It's really opening up a whole new world of storage options.[79] Thursday 21 January 2010: We started to leave the house to go out to a fancy dinner, changed plans to go get steak and cook a fancy dinner and the birthday boy ended up happily eating chicken wings and watching Heroes.[80] Friday 22 December 2010: I threw Donnie a surprise dinner party with some great people and yummy lasagna. We had a wonderful time.[81] Saturday 23 January 2010: I finally created the appropriate storage and arrangement for our unique problem of abundant and cheap spices from the Dekalb Farmers Market. They look beautiful![82] Sunday 24 January 2010: Laura was geeked when Donnie's Uncle Jonathan visited with his official Speed Racer car on the way to St. Louis. It was good fun hanging out with him.

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