Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 11

[69] Monday 11 January 2010: Laura and Anthony came over for polenta pancakes (waaaay more delicious than they sound) and we broke in the beautiful new salad bowl. Laura tried to toss the salad with her fingers.
[70] Tuesday 12 January 2010: I forgot to take a picture of my Christmas present! Dad wrote down all of his best recipes and put them in a book. I can't wait to start making some of them. Once the diet has gotten old we'll bust them out.[71] Wednesday 13 January 2010: I watched this movie between when work ends (1:30) and when choir starts (7:30) and it really affected me. If you have netflix or a good dvd rental place I highly suggest you watch it. I can't tell you what it's about though.[72] Thursday 14 January 2010: More Christmas presents! Thanks Liz and Ian for sharing the joy of Catan with us. We've settled it at least 4 times since Thursday.[73] Friday 15 January 2010: Vanessa and Gabriel came for dinner and V thought she was the cat's pajamas in my super comfy moon boots.[74] Saturday 16 January 2010: Laura and her famous $7.50 Ikea down comforter (king size). Her eyes are closed because she is squinting with glee, not because it's her default photo expression.[75] Sunday 17 January 2010: I fell asleep watching our new obsession (Heroes) and D took a picture of me. Sleeeeepy.

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