Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Photo a Day Week 9: Happy New Decade!

Our second week at home was filled with more parties, board games and a lot of food. We had so much fun seeing friends and family in Michigan and will miss everyone until next time. It is nice to be home and sleeping in our own bed.

[55] Monday 28 December 2009: Dad made Coq au Vin and it was deeeeelicious. It's all about the sauce.
[56] Tuesday 29 December 2009: After Don's birthday party we went to play pool and darts with Randi, Colin and Lena. [57] Wednesday 30 December 2009: Traditional Indian food and cocktail drinking evening![58] Thursday 31 December 2009: Matt and I rang in the new year together at the Kasprzaks' party.[59] Friday 1 December 2010: Donnie left the party in a suitcoat, pj pants and dress shoes.[60] Saturday 2 December 2009: Went to meet up with brother at the bar and it turned out my good friend EKG was in the building.[61] Sunday 3 December 2009: We settled Catan and played musical Catch Phrase.

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