Monday, December 28, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 8: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas everyone! We've been enjoying time with the family in Michigan and we're happy to have another week here before we head home.

[48] Monday 21 December 2009: Laura had some eggs to use up so she made breakfast burritos for dinner. Deeeelicious.
[49] Tuesday 22 December 2009: Best way to kill time at the airport is with a beer and a NYT crossword.[50] Wednesday 23 December 2009: Zingerman's and Ann Arbor Brewing Company with Craiggers and Joe.[51] Thursday 24 December 2009: Jamie showed his appreciation for Christmas Eve tortierre.[52] Friday 25 December 2009: The calm before the Christmas dinner storm.[53] Saturday 26 December 2009: We took a Boxing Day trip to Newmarket to have lunch with Nana, Debbie and Nick. [54] Sunday 27 December 2009: Happy Birthday Johnny! I know it was Johnny's birthday but this picture of Uncle Donnie holding McJakerson back from the cake was too good to pass up.

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