Monday, December 21, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 7

The week started with some sad news and we were sad not to be closer to home. We ended this week with parties and gift exchanges. Both D and I will be up in Michigan by the end of the week and we're looking forward to some down time with family.

[41] Monday 14 December 2009: Bye Tay family! Have fun living back in New Orleans and we'll see you in April.
[42] Tuesday 15 December 2009: This day wasn't a very good day for pictures, but I snapped one of G being cute... and it's only a small fire hazard.
[43] Wednesday 16 December 2009: Caroline was taking a nap on a knife, but she woke up and stared at me ominously while I took her picture.
[44] Thursday 17 December 2009: D and Baxter are spending some quality time together.[45] Friday 18 December 2009: Gracyn got a sweet superhero set from Gillian for Christmas. He's showing off his guns. [46] Saturday 19 December 2009: And then there was Alf, the newest member of the family. [47] Sunday 20 December 2009: We did yoga in RE and Chat, one of the kids, managed this weird and super-hard pose.

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