Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 6

This week was the Moravian Love Feast and I had some pretty wicked chest pain that still hasn't been diagnosed but is luckily fading. Seems like we haven't spent too much time at home this week.
[34] Monday 7 December 2009: We got to Jesse and Whitney's for dinner just after Jackson and Gracyn had wreaked their own brand of havoc on G's room. Yes, that's paint.
[35] Tuesday 8 December 2009: Catching up on my newest obsession of 30 Rock on the Roku.

[36] Wednesday 9 December 2009: I thought I had bronchitis so I decided on a regimen of Mucinex, tissue and a gallon of water. I finished the water, but turned out to have a collapsed lung instead of bronchitis.[37] Thursday 10 December 2009: Lighting the candles at the Moravian Love Feast!
[38] Friday 11 December 2009: D and I drank some Gypsy tea and watched Funny People after putting G to bed.
[39] Saturday 12 December 2009: D tells a story at the annual beer Christmas party while Antone listens skeptically.[40] Sunday 13 December 2009: Manette's magic cold-curing potion. Mmmm.

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