Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 5

This week we spent 36 hours in Florida with the fabulous Mularonis. I have loads of great pictures but here's the short version.

[27] Monday 30 November 2009: I'm loving this book.
[28] Tuesday 1 December 2009: Jesse, D and Gracyn watch the power thirst video while I make failed gnocchi.[29] Wednesday 2 December 2009: I made a visit to the laundromat because even though we have a beautiful working washer and dryer set, our plumbing is shot.
[30] Thursday 3 December 2009: Surprise visit to Florida! This was probably the best moment of the week.[31] Friday 4 December 2009: They're beautiful and they're my family![32] Saturday 5 December 2009: Is that an elephant in the sanctuary or are you just happy to see me?[33] Sunday 6 December 2009: D and I put on sweaters and went to a fabulous Christmas party where we were the only ones under 50.

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