Monday, November 30, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 4

For Thanksgiving week I decided to work with a theme. We did lots of menu planning, cooking and eating this week and it's reflected in the pictures. Mom, Dad, Jamie and Matt came down and we had lots of fun eating, drinking, hiking and playing cards. Travis, Daniel, Laura, Anthony, and Sophia all came for Thanksgiving dinner bearing foodie gifts. It was a blast.
I'm so lucky to be marrying a man who can make two delicious turkeys one day after the other. And don't get me started on his mashed taters. Mmmm.

[20] Monday 23 November 2009: I felt yucky all day so I remedied my sore throat with rooibos and beans on toast (that looked like cars).
[21] Tuesday 24 November 2009: Super-mega-awesome-expensive-humongous-Thanksgiving shopping trip netted 2 turkeys, 3 lbs of butter, 3 lbs of kosher salt, 10 lbs of potatoes, 3 loaves of bread and much more. [22] Wednesday 25 November 2009: Jesse and I spent the day making 12 loaves of bread for our respective Thanksgiving feasts. She was a quick learner.
[23] Thursday 26 November 2009: The meal.
[24] Friday 27 November 2009: We went for a hike to burn off our first turkey and work up an appetite for our second. From left to right is Mom, Dad, me, D, Matt and Jamie.
[25] Saturday 28 November 2009: Donnie deals the cards for our second game of May I while we digest the last couple of days' food.[26] Sunday 29 November 2009: After cleaning the kitchen and taking stock of the leftovers I decided to use the heap of basil to make some pesto.

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