Monday, November 23, 2009

A Photo a Day Week 3

[13] Monday 16 November 2009: Meredith and Tarek gave us this great bowl as a housewarming present.
[14] Tuesday 17 November 2009: I made yummy BLTs with homemade bread. Mmmmm.[15] Wednesday 18 November 2009: We caught the last couple of songs David played to a packed house at Eddie's Attic.[16] Thursday 19 November 2009: I sent Brother a book in the mail.
[17] Friday 20 November 2009: Gracyn and I built a sweet tower before bedtime.
[18] Saturday 21 November 2009: D and I went to see The Mountain Goats!
[19] Sunday 22 November 2009: My fortune cookie from lunch with Laura and Sophia could not have been more wrong.

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