Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Photo a Day take two.

Remember when I tried to jump on the one picture a day bandwagon? I was inspired by Cathy
who heard about it in 2007 and we both tried it out, but couldn't keep up. Recently I've been admiring my friend Sean's commitment (he's on 243 our of 365) and I've decided that for my 26th year I will take a picture every day and post them here. Yes I will! Seriously.

[1] Wednesday 4th November: tried out one of those newfangled DVD rental machines you see outside of drug stores. D had swine flu so I rented Defiance. It was pretty good.

[2] Thursday 5th November: I got a birthday present from Don and Rita in the mail- it's a nifty recycled purse and a pack of lip gloss. I love them!

[3] Friday 6th November: Got my first pedicure and will definitely go back.
[4] Saturday 7th November: D and I celebrated feeling better by trying the bbq place down the street. Mmm, ribs.
[5] Sunday 8th November: Gracyn and I hit up Target for this firepit for our housewarming party on Friday.
[6] Monday 9th November: Antone and Laura came over for some gnocchi and cribbage.

[7] Tuesday 10th November: D and I finally put up our wall of family pictures. Feels homey. Homie? Home-y.

[8] Wednesday 11th November: Gracyn and I made funfetti cupcakes. He is a boy devoted to sprinkles.

[9] Thursday 12th November: I made two kinds of chili for the party and they both turned out scrumptious. I also made 6 loaves of bread.

[10] Friday 13th November: Party time! Sophia tried to paint "Go Buckeyes" but D saw her through the window and put a stop to it.
[11] Saturday 14th November: Gracyn and Donnie taking it easy after a long day. Waaaaaall-E.

[12] Sunday 15th November: Bedtime reading.

That's all for now. Back next week.

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