Friday, August 24, 2007

And now an interruption from your irregularly scheduled blithering for blithering of a different sort.

Mr. Bush,
I'm not sure if you got the memo, but there are some problems with using Vietnam in defense of your current endeavours in Iraq. It didn't actually bring democracy and puppies to the region then, what makes you so certain it's going to happen now? I'm not sure if you've checked recently but the country is still actually one of the only "communist" countries left in the world. So not only was US involvement there a complete waste of time, money, lives, and press coverage, but it produced a very strong nation that pretty much came to be everything you went there in the first place to defeat. Not that you went... national guard ponce.
Anyway my point is, while you may be trying to reinvent the wheel with your "I'm going to claim Iraq as the new Vietnam before anyone else does... but in my favour" speeches you might want to check out what people have been saying for a while now. You didn't beat them to it. This comparison has been made, and it's old hat by this point.
As you put it, the war conflict in Vietnam was "worth fighting" but looking back it was always going to be impossible to win. The question remains, if we know there's no way to 'win' or achieve our goals, but it is still "worth fighting" do we go and do it anyway just to prove that we are doing what is noble, brave, and true? This, Mr. Bush, is where we differ once again. So in conclusion I would like to ask you to stop making dumbass comments, evoking the past in an attempt to stir patriotism, divisions of hawks and doves, and all that other Jane Fonda bullshit.


trace.dominguez said...

hear hear!

Melby said...

i love you. i love your writing. i love your west wing reference. you rock!