Sunday, September 09, 2007

Someone turned 50 this week! Was it your Mom? No, it was mine.

Again, I attempt to illustrate a week in the life through pictures... cause it's just easier that way.

Friday 31st August: On Fridays I give a spelling test, and right before it we always play a game to review. Nomes came up with the brilliant idea of spinning children in circles while they spell a word. I make them spell it two times and if they can't do it the class spells it for them and then they have to do it by themselves. It's brilliant. So this is me spinning Noon, the quietiest girl in the class who was having a ball. And that's me in a Lanna (Northern Thai) shirt.

Saturday 1st September: Nomes and I went for a drive up the mountain. We went all the way up, climbed the stairs to the temple, and drove back down to the waterfall at the bottom. It was a beautiful day and we definitely made the most of it. This is Nomes and Foo horsing around in the waterfall.

Monday 2nd September: We made measuring tapes in math class (the kids are having difficulty distinguishing between metres and centimetres) and Ba finished early. He turned his excess paper into a very stylish Groucho moustache. This kid cracks me up.

Tuesday 4th September: Mama turned 50!! I missed being at home for this event and I was thinking about her all day, so I had my kids help me wish her a happy birthday. They all thought it was very funny that you can call your mother Mama, because it's the Thai word for Ramen noodles. We also made a video and sent it to her. They were happy to help.

Wednesday 5th September: Went out for a sneaky one at the Chiang Mai Saloon to see my buddy Faang who works there and didn't snap too many pics. I liked the colours in this one though.

Thursday 6th September: Leaving Nava to go to the Koreans in the afternoon I spotted this mega snail chilling in the garden. It was about to pour and I still had a drive ahead of me so I didn't get to play with the exposure but it still looks kinda cool.

Friday 7th September: Like I said, Fridays are spelling test days and this week we talked about toys. One girl (who we refer to as cowface, because she's terribly cute but can make this blank stare that's exactly like a cow) decided she'd write the first word, but after that just went with English words she knows how to spell. I laughed for a good 5 minutes when I saw it. My favourite part is number 6, which has been accentuated with an exclamation point. You go, girl.

Saturday 8th September: I worked in the morning (unusual for me, I try to keep my weekends free because I work so much during the week) and on my way home decided to stop and snap a pic of this sign that I drive by at least twice a day. It's on the highway next to our office and I'm not sure if you can make it out but it's basically an ad for a weightloss company (of which there are many). The smiling woman was a hefty 55kg but now she's down to a bearable 49. That's 120lbs to 108. Also notice that the treatment options pictured on the right don't seem to involve any physical activity. The whole thing drives me a bit mad.

That's all for now. I'm counting down the days until October for many reasons. Teaching is getting dull, I need a break, and I can't wait to see family! It'll be very strange not to do any work for 2 full weeks, but I'm so ready for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kris have just spent last hour reading all your comments since last June, Laughed, and enjoyed them all. but so sorry about your accident, must have been very scary. I was wondering when you would be coming home, so hope you will in March. Love and Hugs Aunt Shirley