Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Photo A Day Week 28

[189] Monday 10 May 2010: Olive oil, garlic, sturdy greens and dried chili flakes. This is my new favourite single serving dinner. Greens are one of my favourite The South discoveries.
[190] Tuesday 11 May 2010: Robin is my co-teacher and she has a magical voice that lures children towards her. I'm going to miss teaching with her next year.
[191] Wednesday 12 May 2010: A well staffed, sparsely populated DMV. Michigan, take note.
[192] Thursday 13 May 2010: Brooke and I gave "suspicious packages" two thumbs down after we had to evacuate the building of students, teachers and preachers due to a potential threat at the office park next door.[193] Friday 14 May 2010: After an exhaustive (though admittedly not well researched) hunt for pie (or paah) we ended up at the Waffle House. I still can't believe we ended up there. Isn't pie a The South thing? Shouldn't we stumble onto it in diners and libraries? Evidently not.[194] Saturday 15 May 2010: Surprise package from brother via Lena. By the time this well traveled book reached me it had picked up 3 notes, a bag of wildflower seeds and a magazine photo. Awesome.[195] Sunday 16 May 2010: Out with the old and in with the new mint green.

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