Friday, March 30, 2007

Unexpected Precipitation :)

It just rained in Chiang Mai!
This may not seem like a big deal, but the pollution has gotten really bad in the past 3 weeks and rain this time of year is pretty much unheard of.
The powers that be have been trying to 'seed' the clouds in order to clear the smog and give us all a little reprieve from the dust and heat. I guess it worked. While I was making lunch the sky got really dark and I couldn't think of why- it never rains in March here, and not usually until August. I thought I heard thunder but when you're not expecting it you just assume it's another loud noise. Thinking nothing of it I enjoyed my lunch and was hanging out in my room when Garrett shouted at me to come look. I went to his balcony and the view was incredible. The sky was dark and the trees were swaying violently in the wind. The smell was what got me- the smell of rain is something I often think about when it gets really hot and unbearable. It was wonderful. Of course I stood in it and got wet. Let the cool water hit my face and enjoyed what I haven't seen or felt for 5 months.
The afternoon should stay cool, but I'm sure tomorrow it'll be back to 100 degrees. It's a little weird that they can mess with the environment like that, but pretty cool that we got a bit of rain. It lasted for maybe 5 minutes. Now I get to drive to work and hope the roads aren't too bad and that I don't get Mackinac biker butt Thai style.
Tonight I'm going to see High School Musical put on by Chiang Mai International School, and tomorrow we're having a housewarming party. There probably won't be pictures of either since my camera is officially broken and Garrett's is in Chiang Rai wit his ex.
It's been nice to get little glimpses of spring coming through in North America, and those first days after a long winter are something that I miss, but I got a piece of it today with that sweet rainshower. It energized me.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi and that we, and by we I mean Myron and myself of course, miss you tons!