Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's getting awfully crowded in here.

I have a roommate.
He is a yellow gecko named Steve and he lives behind my closet. He comes out at night and hangs out below my lamp. I'm not sure if we can be friends yet... but research tells me that he eats all of the bugs I can't see that live in my room as well.


As long as he doesn't bite me, I think we can make it work. It's a pretty small room and I'm not very good at sharing my space with free roaming reptiles. I will monitor the situation closely and keep you updated! (Get it? Monitor? Oh-ho, the reptile jokes are just too easy)

Also, this weekend (while coming up for air from homework) I plan on taking my camera out and getting some good shots of Chiang Mai for posting. I've been devoting my time to class and reading, but I should get at least a bit of a break this weekend. This is a tough course and looks to get more and more intense over the 5 weeks. It's good though, I'm learning a lot.

Time to go to bed now before Steve gets any bright ideas about coming any closer than he already has...


Mom said...

SOunds interesting, im looking forward to seeing the pictures-Matt

Jennifer said...

aw! steve is such a grrrreat name for a gecko. at least a butterfly doesn't live with you :)

miss you.

Mom said...

Ia so sorry! I forgot to teac you how to share your space with free roaming reptiles. Yet another way I have failed you as a parent.

Love mom

Jim and Gramma said...

Steve could be like a frog and might say "Kiss me and I'll turn into a Prince" Then you will be in trouble. We enjoy hearing about your experiences. Love you

Tracy said...

Can't wait to see the new pics. I'm sure there will be enough bugs around to keep Steve's apetite at bay and away from you. Love you lots. Auntie T.